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Tired of smashing your face into the brick wall that is US net neutrality? Too bad. There's a long way to go yet, friends
FCC looking into reported error throwing broadband deployment numbers off by millions
Legere blog: New T-Mobile will create a true alternative to fixed broadband, pledges to change cableopoly with in-home service
Report: Fiber-based Broadband Will Power 59% of 1.2 Billion Connections by 2025
Satellite's Grip on C-Band Spectrum for 5G Could Be Slipping
AT&T Is Collecting Lots of 700MHz Spectrum Licenses, Possibly for 5G
FCC halts review of the Sprint/T-Mobile Merger so public can comment on substantial new motivations the carriers have filed for their combination
House Democrats want records on Trump's reported involvement in AT&T-Time Warner deal
DirecTV Now Gains Apple TV App Integration
Comcast Deal Benefits "Flowing in Both Directions," Sky CEO Says
Windstream is receiving $2.2 million in funding from the Nebraska USF to expand access to Kinetic Internet in 13 of its state-based exchanges
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