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Facebook hits 20Gbps in tests for internet drone data transmission computerworld.com
House subcommittees to examine cyberattacks behind recent widespread internet disruptions washingtontimes.com
FCC says it has 'serious concerns' about AT&T Direct TV mobile video service reuters.com
Countries with the fastest 4G LTE in 2016: Singapore #1, USA is 6th; Best Coverage: South Korea #1, USA 6th again androidauthority.com
Comcast Extends Internet Essentials, Its High-Speed Internet Adoption Program, To Low-Income Senior Citizens In Boston prnewswire.com
Consolidated Communications CEO: Our 100 Mbps Service Beats a Cable Competitor s 300 Mbps Service telecompetitor.com
How Donald Trump will dismantle Obama s Internet legacy washingtonpost.com
Verizon undeterred by KT s claim about being first to commercialize 5G fiercewireless.com
Dish Network Chairman and CEO Charlie Ergen: OTT will 'chop up' the pay-TV ecosystem into a truly la carte experience fiercecable.com
FairPoint Upgrades Broadband Service In 50 Vermont Towns thestreet.com
Charter Expands Reach of Robocall Blocker to legacy markets multichannel.com


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